Our practice operates on a 15-minute appointment system and our book is computerised. We try to avoid delays if at all possible. Please understand that there may be occasions when emergencies need to be seen or a longer consultation causes delays. If you feel you may require a longer appointment time please let our staff know when making your appointment. We welcome and encourage patients to phone the surgery half an hour prior to their appointment to check if there is a delay.

At all times we will endeavour to offer you an appointment with your regular doctor.

There may be occasions when this is not possible due to emergencies, holidays, etc. and we will try to accommodate you as best we can. Our medical records are fully computerised and all of our doctors have access to these records. In the event you are not able to see your regular doctor your history is available for another doctor in the practice to treat you.

If you are unable to keep your appointment please telephone.

Appointment Triage

Do you hate waiting for the Doctor?

Everyone is frustrated when the Doctor runs late and our Practice is currently aiming to improve this area in our service.

Our policy follows these guidelines:

  • Emergencies are seen first
  • Then patients who have booked appointments are seen
  • Then patients who are “fitted in” or have presented without an appointment are attended

There are a number of ways YOU can help us by:

  • Requesting a longer appointment at time of booking if you have a few problems to discuss or forms to fill out. Please inform reception of your needs
  • Ensure an appointment is made for each separate member of the family if necessary
  • Inform reception if you have any chest pain, genuine flu like symptoms